PALS Student Prep

In order to prepare for your PALS Class there are a few items that we suggest and require that you do before your class date.

You should start by taking your PALS Pre-course assessment.  There is technically no passing score on this exam, but a grade of less than 80% suggests that some review work may be needed.  Click on the link below and take the test.  The result page at the end should be printed out and brought with you the day of the class.
AHA PALS Pre-Course Assessment (Password: pals15)

We have been asked by some people for help with understanding EKG Strips.  The AHA has designed the PALS course that the provider has a basic understandinjg of EKG Rythms, use the link below to review and practice your interpretation of the more common EKG Rythms.
EKG Rythm Generator

In 2010, the AHA had designed new guidelines to be followed for BLS, ACLS and PALS.  The link below will direct you to this document.
2010 AHA Guidelines and ECC Summary

Make sure that you also review the PALS Algorithms
Pediatric VF/VT/PEA/Asystole
Pediatric Bradycardia
Pediatric Tachycardia
Newborn Resuscitation